Now offering Ferry Service: Dolphin Boat Tours Connects!

From November 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023 we are connecting Cape Coral with Pine Island, Sanibel Island and North Captiva to deliver equipment, supplies, tools for owners and contractors in order to make necessary repairs to their property. Please email or go to our webpage for reservations.

Navigational Skills – not only for boaters

If you think that this blog is about using your GPS or your Navionics phone app, you are incorrect. This is about navigation in ‘a pinch’, using no tool other than maybe your wristwatch. Where is home? Your compass is the most critical navigational instrument on your boat, but how do navigate without one? Let’sContinue reading Navigational Skills – not only for boaters

Safe Boating Tip from Capt. Martin – Weather

A lot of boating checklists start or mention to ‘check the weather’ before you go out boating. While this is an excellent idea, it may however, not provide the novice boater with decision relevant information. For example, the weather forecast in SW Florida during the summer month will almost daily show thunderstorms and rain inContinue reading “Safe Boating Tip from Capt. Martin – Weather”