Cape Coral, Fl: Dolphin Wonderland

Here at Dolphin Boat Tours, we are fortunate to see dolphins all year round on almost every tour.  Although we can’t guarantee you’ll see them since dolphins are wild creatures, our Master Captain and first mate know just where and when to find these lively beautiful creatures.

The Gulf of Mexico is teaming with an estimated 40,000 Atlantic Common Bottlenose Dolphins. You are probably familiar with this incredible species if you have seen the infamous Bottlenose Dolphins in movies such as, ‘Flipper’ and ‘Dolphin Tale’.  Our small private boat charters take you right to the action where the Bottlenose Dolphins like to put on a dazzling show every night right before sunset.

Bottlenose dolphins live near the coastal waterways and can be found in the shallow waters of the bays and estuaries where our smaller boats can maneuver safely.  Bottlenose Dolphins can be seen throughout the year right here in Cape Coral, Florida. We have found the best times to spot dolphins are sunrise, mid-morning usually (between 10 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.) and 2 p.m. to dusk.

 Research studies have found that this may be due to dolphin activity cycles. Bottlenose dolphins are active day and night but following dolphins’ daily patterns of activity can help determine what times are more likely to spot them. Bottlenose dolphins are known to undergo cycles of activity such as feeding, socializing, resting and traveling. These daily activity cycles depend on environmental factors like season, habit and time of day. Dolphins feed in the early morning and late afternoon. Much of a dolphin’s activity is comprised of social behavior. Bottlenose Dolphins’ like to chase one another, toss things to each other and generally play. Dolphins are known to jump as high as 16 feet and may land of their bellies, backs or sides in what is known as a breach. This amazing dolphin activity makes for a mesmerizing display and attracts nature lovers all over the globe.

For the safety and conservation of these precious dolphins everyone must keep a safe distance. In fact, “The National Ocean & Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Dolphin SMART program advises staying at least 50 yards away.”  These magical creatures are a sight to be seen and adored by the masses. If you are interested in seeing dolphins in action on one of our relaxing private boat tours visit us at to schedule your private tour today.

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